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Thanks everyone. spent a little more time wit the lanterns and can actually get a quite nice purple. also an excellent amber. Red is very good and green and blue are not bad. Actually got a pallet of 18 nice base colours so far to work with. Not bad for £30 RGB pars.


We are actually using 3 on the front bar for front wash and 2 as sides. Stage is around 7 by 4 meters and they give a good cover which can compete with the prelude F and pfofiles we use.


Would love to get some Martin Rush Zoom but it a lot of money. Amazed we have managed to do front and side wash for under £200.


The big drawback is they have fans. 4 are quiet enough when in the sky but 1 is a lot noisier. Guess its a bit hit and miss with the fan noise but they are all usable.



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