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Fixing up some classic Martin fixtures


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Afternoon all,

Just after a bit of advise please.

I had a few issues with my current lighting rig last night so I've decided to dust off my old Roboscan 812's and see how they go for a bit. I've got 4 in total and I'm wanting to use 3 of them, 2 work fine but the other 2 have slight issues. One doesn't strike the lamp at all, just a slight click noise, all other features seem OK. The other tries to strike the lamp and you see a flicker but doesn't quite manage it.

In your experience what parts would you swap to try and get one going and is it safe enough to do? They look like pretty big caps ?

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The former may be the lamp (check it when you get a new lamp for the other), but could be failure of the ignitor circuit, which is a bench engineer job.


Just swap a lamp from one of the working ones to check if it is the lamp.

Crud around the lamp base can also cause this, though you'd normally see sparking as the ignition voltage tracks across the base.

Replacing the ignitor is not hard, and you can test using one of the working ones. Be careful though as there's some very high voltages there when it is trying to strike the lamp.

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