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Permanent Archive Camera


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Hi Team,


I run a venue and am looking to install a permanent video camera for archive reasons so that I just hit a button and it records rather having to set up a tripod etc every time we need to record a show. Ideally would be looking for something that can connect to a network drive as we are a school and all archive material is stored / distributed via our intranet. If all this could be done from the control room that would be great.


Does anybody have an ideas about the best way to go about doing this? Obviously I could just buy a camcorder, rig it on a clamp and leave it but I was wondering if there are any better solutions out there.


Any advice gratefully received


Thanks all



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Something from the CCTV world perhaps? Full HD res cameras are relatively commonplace, and DVRs can use external USB drives.


You could run the signal down CAT 5 network cabling using baluns.


Do you need audio as well as video?


Edit to add - Alister beat me to it. The IR capability could definitely be useful.


I installed a few HD CCTV cameras last week. The image quality is undoubtedly inferior to a broadcast camera, or even high end consumer stuff, but it's hard to know how much of that is the inherent limitations of the camera itself and what creeps in with the cable run and other conversions.

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