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Phantom of the Opera - Pyro


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Hi guys,


Can anyone give me some info about the pyro effects used in the show?

I'm looking at the multi-shot staff, and the candle. It looks as though they're both based using flash paper, but I'm not sure how the electronics in the staff work to enable so many shots from what looks like a singly button, unless it's externally controlled.


If anyone could offer me some insight, that would be great. Thanks!

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if I recall correctly, the "flame" used was created by Le Maitre specifically for Phantom, and was made a stock item called "The Phantom Flame".

Would need to double check though.




Just had a looky - that was back in 2007:

Phantom Flame

This is based on the same device as our Medium Flame Projector, but in a shorter tube.


There is no reference to it on their site - might be worth a call to them?

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Happy to help you with this as we supply the igniters and flashpaper to the London production.


9V battery and 8 [tiny] push buttons for the onboard control [performer operated]


8 brass tubes 4/5mm ID and about 40mm long with open end and capped end with fine hole just enough to get igniter wires through set into a brass block.


Quite sure chief LX Dave and previous deputy, now out on touring versions, Andy, will pop up on here to tell you more if you need it.


Hope that helps


Just FX

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