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DraftSight training

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As I'm sure many of you know, I provide the ABTT's AutoCAD course ABTT AutoCAD Course info


I've had a few people wanting the course but using DraftSight. As DraftSight is AutoCAD clone, you can do this but I'm aware there are differences, in terminology and working methods


As a result I have adapted the AutoCAD course for DraftSight and the first two parts are now available. I am only covering the tools available in the free version at the moment, as I imagine that is what people are using. In later parts I'll look at what is in the paid for, Professional version


Course content to date covers the basic functions of drawing, editing, text and plotting. The course is modeled around drawing a simple studio theatre so you learn techniques and apply them in a practical manner in a context most of us are familiar with.


The course is aimed at those who, for whatever reason, cannot access the ABTT AutoCAD course, rather than replacing it. Both courses will run side by side


Draftsight is available for Windows, Mac and other OS's and can be downloaded from here


For more information on the DraftSight Course, contact me here


David Ripley

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