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Inexpensive Pulleys


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I'm trying to rig a flown ali bar for a over-stage border. I use this border to mask between the top of the standing set and the grid. The stage is very small, and although a set of triple , double and single doughty pulleys would be perfect, the cost of these is far too expensive for our am-dram group, the triple alone is 150 quid.


These pulleys will be bolted or hung from standard scaffold pipe. Presently I tie the border directly to the grid but I would much prefer to do this at ground level!


Does anyone have any ideas for a much cheaper solution?


The grid is 13.5 feet of the stage floor, and the stage width is around 24 feet.



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Just be careful. 7m of bar with some drape on can be surprisingly heavy. Its okay with good thick hauling ropes, but think about the thickness of the ropes in hemp houses. Those pulleys only take 8mm rope which is not much to grip at all. If you're trying to install a permanent set you need to get the pulleys and diversions set up properly or you're going to be fighting with friction. Also make sure you have a suitable point for tying off to, invest in some proper cleats and get them fixed into a solid wall or similar, this is probably the most overlooked bit.


That being said, its not massively high. Alternatively, buy three single pulleys that take a good sized rope, rig these across your bar and use them to pull the bar up. Temporarily tie off to something suitable, then go up and 'dead' them off, so its then fixed and the pulleys and rope are not holding the load all the time. You've still saved yourself tying on drape at height, and can still work on the bar at ground level and fly it out, but once 'out' its permanently fixed to the grid. You need fairly simple and cheap pieces of rigging kit to do this.


If you need any further advice feel free to drop me a message.




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Thanks gents. I've looked at those pulleys TM, the price range is more where my thoughts were.


And the idea of deading off the bar is one that I had not thought of, bt I will do that. cheers for that Chris.



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