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ACS Pro 17s as IEMs


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Hi All


I've had a set of Pro 17s for a few months now and they are great. Use them quite a bit for work and often forget I have them in - which is unusual or me because I never get on with in ear headphones etc.


So that got me thinking about using the ACS moulds without he filters in as headphones / IEMs - which having done some research isn't that uncommon. It appears that the ACS T15 IEMs are designed to fit into the moulds but I'm assuming they have been discontinued now? Not listed on the ACS site and Amazon shows them as unavailable.


I found a thread on here were someone suggested Sennheiser IE6's fit fine, but that was from a few years back and they also seem to have been discontinued now. So I thought I would take a punt on the Sennheiser IE60 (the new version of the IE6) which arrived today and don't fit.


Sound quality also doesn't seem to be amazing from them either so they will be going back next week.


In the mean time does anybody have any suggestions on headphones that are still available and fit in the ACS Pro moulds?


Happy to spend a bit of money on them but don't want to spend a fortune.



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