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Hoist for flying cloth screens


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Hi all


I am looking at sourcing a possible automated solution for the hanging of 7no. screens. Said screens are approx 1500mm wide x 5000mm high. Weight is max of 30kg. Essentially cloth with a frame. The screens are to be arranged in a V shape. This being 3 screens either side of centre with no.4 being in the middle.


The wish is to be able to move the screens independently to a variety of positions. Due to them being placed quite close together, the utilisation of the current and touring flying systems is not really a runner. I need to move them in show and needless to say do it silently etc.


The current option on the table is a lot of rope and pulleys but due to the touring time constraints, I see this as being an absolute nightmare etc.


I am researching the option of a "simple" automated set up.


I am looking for a type of point hoist that can run in the cloths to a variety of deads with the ability to control the in/out dead's. I am looking for a contained motor system that you can clamp to a bar (48mm pipe etc), then run data and mains, and operate from a central position. I am assuming some form of computerised control here.


My use of the words "point hoist" might be mis-leading. I do not intend to be but that is what comes to mind.


I have seen this somewhere before. It is a long time ago and I cannot remember where. Kinda like a controllable solenoid scenic drop!



The units will never pull a great weight but the ability to run to a preset list of dead's would be ideal.



I would be grateful if any one could point me in the right direction be it my terminology or a possible solution




Lay out of screens


_ _

_ _

_ _




Many thanks in advance




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Hi again


I have had a look at the DMX hoist 25 double wire system from Wahlberg. Seems to be up our alley.


I am wondering if any one has these for a possible rental? The cost per unit to buy was too high and we only require the units for a 3 week period. It makes more sense to rent etc.


I have had some good conversations with interested suppliers with some excellent products but unfortunately nothing has come to pass etc.


My provisional dates are


Delivery to Dublin:

Monday 5th September


Return to site:

Friday 23rd September


I am looking for approx 10no. Double wire Wahlberg hoists or similar.


Cheers in advance



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I am always nervous when someone wants to hand over Automation to the lighting guys and control it via DMX, you have seen how often moving lights throw a wobbly and do their own thing.


DMX is not recognised as an automation protocol for a good reason as there is no real feedback to the control system about the status of the controlled item and therefore its possible to move it in an unsafe condition. Its also important that the operator has full view of what they are moving and that the whole of their attention is on the moving items and they will no be looking to see why a light is pointing in the wrong direction rather than looking at what is flying in and what or who it may hit.


I know you are only looking to move a relatively light weight item, but you are still lifting something and therefore need to comply with the relevant regulations and code of practices associated within the region you are looking to use the equipment ie LOLER for the UK, VLPT SR2 in Germany and so on, and if you choose to use one as you are touring round Europe then you need to comply with that fully, so in the case of the German standard your winch must comply with BGV C1 if you are moving loads over peoples heads, or BGV D8+ if static above people. You cant pick and choose which bit you use so you cant use a BS7905 certified winch and use it with the VPLT SR2 code of practice. But the key thing is at the very least it must be CE marked as lifting equipment and have the relevant markings and certification to comply with the minimum EU regulations, and Ireland is still very much part of the EU and the UK is still governed by it until a viable exit policy is put into place and rolled out.



If nothing else I would look into if these winches are really suitable for the task, as good practice I would be looking for a safety factor of 10:1 or at the very least 8:1 and ensure that the brake is fitted to the drive train or that it has a direct drive from the motor through the gearbox to the output shaft and there is no belt or chain drive in the system


You may be wise to contact some of the automation or rigging companies like









and I know they are known for flying people but you could also try Foy as they also have automation.

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