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Lightwright query


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Hi all


I have a lightwright 5 related query.



I am putting the paperwork together for a summer rep season and have decided to add in images of what the lights are doing into the focus chart area. For the 3 types of show that I am doing, this seems the most logical plan. This is working out and I am happy with the images etc.


My problem is that when I import the images (drag & drop or click and insert), the images are either upside down or otherways of 90degrees. I know there must be an option to re-right the images so that they are in the correct orientation. I cannot find how to do this and I am bit stumped. The images are all in place but the majority are upside down....


I am wondering does anybody know of the option or ability to rotate the images within lightwright or what I am doing wrong?



I have sent John McKernon a mail to this fact but I am wondering if anybody here would have a helpful way out of this annoyance.



Many thanks




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