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Mirror Jitter on Madscans


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Howdy to everyone in the Blue Room


Have been programming up a new Zero88 Diablo desk (can do 18ch of Generics + up to 18 ML fixtures)


Here's the issue-ette I've just come across. When programming in several MadFX Madscans, have found that there is considerable mirror and colour/gobo wheel jitter. I have tried changing DMX cables, different terminator, different order of connection, all to no avail, so I'm posting this query here in case someone has had a similar experience.


Created a profile for the Madscan using the Zero88 Fixture Creator software.


Now, I also have a MadMagician connected - this does not seem to have an issue.


Obviously, it may be an issue with the Madscans receiving DMX, but I have had them running before with a Milford Instruments DMX sender and some PC software. Normally I run them using a MadFX controller.


Oh, and I've already submitted a query into Zero88 - so we'll see if that bears any fruit. :unsure:


Hope you guys (and gals) out there can help




Ian S

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:) Are all the madscans doing this or just the last one in the chain?

At a guess this sounds a lot like the DMX signal bouncing back or being degraded - something thats in common discussion in the blue room, so obvious questions: have you placed a terminator on the last fixture? are you sure the cables are in good condition etc

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Thanks for the reply, SteveP


The setup:


Had a couple of scans set up on a T-bar with a short length of DMX cable between them, and a longer run to the desk. The last scan in the chain had a DMX terminator fitted - so not expecting any problems there.


Both scans were misbehaving, and it made no difference when I swapped the cables around I.e:


1) Desk --> Scan1 --> Scan2 --> Terminator


2) Desk --> Scan2 --> Scan1 --> Terminator


3) Desk --> Scan1 --> Terminator


4) Desk --> Scan2 --> Terminator


I tried different cables, terminators etc, in case it was an issue with my DIY cables.



UPDATE: Got hold of a couple more MadScans + Magician - No Problems!!!!!! Must be the first two scans I got were fubar (seemed to work OK in Lightshow mode with the Raving Mad controller)


Also got a response back from Zero88, and they couldn't shed any light on it (no pun intended!), so I'm probably looking at a pair of semi-duff scans (hope I can return them to MadFX for investigation/repair! :o )


Anyway, I've found a local place that sells second-hand/nearly-new scans, and I've seen another 4 MadScans + controller for less-than-stupid money, so I might give them a go this w/end :) .




Ian S

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