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Mojo Barrier in north of England


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We have a potential event coming up in Carlisle towards Christmas time. The promoter is sure that they need a run of Mojo-style pit barrier in front of the stage.


For Scottish dates, we can dry hire locally, but Carlisle is a bit of a hike. I've had a look around online and can't see anyone offering it. We don't need a massive quantity, a 10m run would be ample and we could possibly get away with a little less.


Given the distance, delivery from Newcastle or Lancashire might make as much sense as bringing it down from Scotland.


Has anyone on the forum got stock, or anybody that they can recommend?

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Get in touch with Cumbria Festival Group. They have I think about 28 pieces of Mojo, or at least that was what I derigged about three times recently. Its located in Workington I think and available for hire. Give Fluid Productions a ring, based in Keswick and they can get it sorted for you.





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