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Phantom Hazer......


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I currently have 2 of these on Tour at the moment.


So far...great units. They behave well, they require Co2 of course and fluid lasts a good 4 weeks with 8 shows a week for me. They are on pretty much constantly for about 1 1/2 hours a show. Maintenance is very low other than a general clean. My only bug bear is the DMX box, its a separate part to the unit and the buttons are really filmsy and get nocked/re-addressed very easily.


Other than that, not a lot to say, no problems, great fine haze or thick depending on the density you set on the unit.

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Good to know - so if you want a borderline invisible haze, this can do it?

I dont mind the CO2 aspect - rather that than a noisy compressor based unit, or crap hang time with waterbsed equivelents.

Is the hang time on this as good they say?


Bit more googling has turned up a load of interesting stuff (some from this very forum!)

There seems to be a heavy correlation between these and machines from "Concept" - some people are suggesting that concept are the actual manufacturers............

They certainly seem to be highly rated though.

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