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Which LED Zoom Wash Design is Better?

Don Allen

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I am trying to decide which style of LED Zoom Wash light is better, the MAC Aura whose lens sits inside a lens tube, or the MAC Quantum Wash where the lens are near the front edge of the fixture.


It is hard to make a comparison, as they do not have identical number of LED's. The professional brands have Lux figures to help make an informed choice, but there is also a subjective perceived difference in brightness.


Does limiting yourself to 4in1 such as RGBW get you brighter LED's than a 6in1, because the total power consumption of the fixture is not an accurate indication of light output.


I am looking at LED's to reduce maintenance and lamp costs, weight and power costs.


Any thoughts welcome as I do not have access to a wide range of fixtures to do a comparison.

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