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Wireless OSC cue light


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I started working last night on a simple Wifi cue light using OSC, currently my thought is that you could use Qlab or a lighting desk to send commands, and the units will respond with their status (acknowledge etc)


I have made a very simple hacky start which works, and put it on github.


If people are interested can put some more info out, will keep the github up to date for as long as I work on it anyway..



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Have put a slightly rubbish video of where I am so far at facebook video


I've used a Huzzah, and for now am simply using the onboard red and blue (instead of green) LEDs, I multicast (.255) from qlab and from touchOSC, touchOSC registers itself as the "master" by sending "/ardQlight/registerMaster" - so each device logs that IP, once a master is set the devices transmit their status back to the master - this means that the user can tell that the devices are on line and responding.


I might re-name this to BlueQ if anyone wants to get involved..

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