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Arduino Eos OSC library and sample ArdR120 project


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I've been working on a little project (I posted about it a little while back) to get the old Strand 520 remote to work with Eos consoles over OSC. I've pretty much got this working and in the process made a library for the Eos OSC side


This is all built and tested with the ESP8266 chip - these are great, quite a powerful little microprocessor with on board Wifi - my sample project (ArdR120) allows web config with a dedicated access point created when you boot into the right mode from the remote - all the config can also be done from on board the remote itself.


I need to add some images and video to the github but all of the stuff is there


ArdR120 git hub

ArdEosOSC library

An extra library I made to make TCP work


There are some other libraries required, but I think I documented all of this


The Eos OSC library needs a bit more work as currently it only exposes certain commands, but it's easy enough to extend


Currently the library only works with the ESP8266 wifi library, however I think it's pretty easy to modify to work with other Arduino modules and sheilds

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