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Martin Mac 250 Lamp Won't Strike


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Hello all, I am stumped as to why one of our Martin Mac 250's won't strike. I've tried swapping in lamps, ignitors and ballasts from other known working 250's but the lamp still won't strike. We have an abundance of spare parts at our disposal and would appreciate any advice as to what to try next. Perhaps the wiring or the motherboard? If it helps when I attempt to strike the lamp I hear the click of the relay on the motherboard followed by the usual "buzz". Thanks in advance for the help!
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when the lamp is first stuck many thousands of volts are applied to the lamp,

this putts the wiring to great stress,

so if everything is not in good condition then arcing will occur,

this will stop the lamp striking up.

double check all wiring around the ignitor ballast and lamp base.

try turning it on in a darkened room,

this will make any arcing quite obvious.

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