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Martin Lightjockey USB - DMX


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I am running a Lightjockey 2 system in a nightclub. We are currently overhauling our setup and installing new fixtures including a number of LED pixel units which use lots of DMX channels. As such, our total channel count will increase to around 1500.


As such, I need to add an extra USB - DMX interface. Our current interface has the part number 90702055, marked " Lightjockey Universal U". There is one for sale on Ebay however it has the part number 90702045, marked "USB to DMX Interface", other than that the two are identical.


Are the two units compatible or is it essential that I source an interface with the exact same part number as the one we are currently using?




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I'm not too familiar with Light Jockey products, only their consoles, so I can't help much.

I was going to suggest the Martin Forum but it looks like it's under maintenance for a few days.

Martin have a UK office, give them a call.

+44 (0) 2030 021 170


Also, their Facebook group 'Martin M-Series Controllers User Group' may be useful.



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You may wish to get your head round Martin pc as lightjpcky will not run on new computer systems so it is moving to useless kit unless you have a old pc but lightjpcky with a touchscreen and a midi pad is still great for Dj boxes so long as you have a pc that will run pre Windows 7 and is not on Internet as Microsoft are moving to kill Windows 7 and Windows Xp is very unsafe online for a dj booth.
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