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Peavey PR 10 intermittent fault


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Hi Folks


A small comedy club that I look after has a pair of Peavey PR 10 speakers, one of which has developed an intermittent fault. I'm not much of a soundy, but know that these aren't expensive speakers so I wouldn't want to spend a lot of money sending it off for repair if it's not worth it. Basically the low frequency driver is occasionally cutting out (the tweeter continues to make noise), a light thwack and it comes back. The cut-outs seem to happen when there is something very loud and low played through the speaker.


Can anyone point me towards what I should take a look at? All the connections to the driver look fine and the soldering on the crossover looks fine.




Mike X

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I'd take the crossover board out and have a good look for dry joints/bad connections. Maybe do a spot of re-soldering anyway. Also check that the wires to the LF driver are properly connected at both ends.


If that fails to sort it out, I'd probably swap crossover with the one in the other speaker & see if the fault moves with it.


If it does turn out to be a crossover fault that you can't find & fix, then a new one can be had for under £30.

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