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We would like to announce the launch of a new scheduling system -- one built by a team of stage managers (a few of which are on Blue Room). It's incredibly easy to use, saves time and does something that I always wanted, but could never find anywhere -- that is to create personalized daily call emails for your cast and crew members and distribute them all with just a single click. It also makes communicating with your team a breeze.


The original reason for the system was that I was spending hours and hours each week scheduling my company members at different venues and times and communicating those needs. When I reduced 6-7 hours to just 15-20 minutes each week, I knew I had something to share with the rest of the world.


We're just getting started, but early adopters already include a couple of Las Vegas shows, 1 Cirque du Soleil tour (with others evaluating), and a number of University customers.



We would love for you to take a look at Callboard & Co. and help us spread the word to any stage management friends you may have!




http://callboard.co - Schedule your show like a boss with Callboard & Co.







Terrence R. Williams

Production Stage Manager

Backstage Apps











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