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Feedback on ETC Smartpacks


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HI all


I am currently researching a possible expansion upgrade aspect of my current dimmer system.


I am looking at the ETC Smartpack as a possible extension to my current stock of 96 Rjuliat Dimmer, 24 x Strand wallrack and 6 x 5kw Paradigm dimmers.


I am looking at the Smartpacks due to some of the following factors:


a) Within my budget range

b) Seems ideal size and range etc.

c) The smart thru power option.


I am curious as to real world feedback on how people may have found these units. I am wondering if the 10amp trip is sufficient to run a normal 2kw load. I have seen chilli dimmers (older style) have a problem on the 10amp trips and they would nuisance trip all the time.


How "real" is the thru power? Is it via a relay and does it also suffer the nuisance aspects.


I am looking at the dimmer to augment the temporary circuits and also as a new FOH position etc.


Just looking for some feedback.


I have price replacements for what I have and the price is in a different league. The Robert Juliat units are workhorses and I do not wish to change them out. The option as stated, is allowing me to expand/future proof and not be caught out if I have a large scale failure etc.



Please see link to Smartpacks here



thanks in advance.




Edit: addition of link.

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