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Florrie tubes/holders needed!


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Hi People,


Would anybody based in or near Central London have 6 x 5ft -ish working florrie tubes available to beg, borrow or hire very cheaply for an academy show I have coming up.


Ideally all the same looking - dont need to dim. Just on/off on hot power.


Id need to collect during wk beginning Mon 15th Feb anytime during that week and would be returned the following week on Friday 26th Feb.




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If no one is able to lend you these, they can be purchased very cheaply indeed if you look around. there is a shop in BACON STREET, LONDON near the junction with CYGNET STREET that sells used fluorescent light fittings very cheaply. I have no connection with the shop.


The shop sells mainly used catering equipment but also stocks a selection of other useful stuff. Usual caveats about both used equipment and mains voltage in general.




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