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8 pin Dins


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Does the outer part of a 8pin analogue lighting dim need connecting to the ground of the cable? I have always presumed not and never have done when making 8pin din cables as it has nothing to do with the actual connections and would probably interfere with the control of the pack but as people can touch this outer connection I thought I might as well ask as I am making dins up at the moment. Is this outer bit of the connector bit earthed at all (I know the grounding of the cable is not earth).


Thanks, even if this is a stupid question I think I already know the answer to but better safe than sorry.

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I found when adapting a strand AMC to work with some Act2 dimmers having a grounded shell was causing problems and the advice from the helpful people at strand was not to do it anymore as no modern dimmers need it.


This kind of implies that in the past it was a necessity.


I suppose it depends on your situation.



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