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Limiting DMX output on a channel in HOG1000


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I can't find anything about this in the manuals. Does anyone know how to limit the DMX on a channel on the HOG1000?


I need to limit DMX to 77% on a number of channels. My HOG1000 is running the new Martin Maxedia system and the software is in BETA version 1.0! If I run past 77% on any of four channels it will crash the system and take all the changes with it.


I know how to do this in Strand but the HOG has me stumped.


Your help = appreciated! :P

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Hmmm. Well, to proportionally patch a dimmer, you'd go into the Patch screen, type in the DMX channel (having selected the relevant output first), press "Reduce to %" and enter the desired figure. However, I have no idea whether this will work on attributes other than intensity. As a matter of interest, if it does let me know! :P
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