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Anyone know anything about this board...?


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We have a couple of very very veryyyyyy old analogue boards which we use on a regular basis.


There are two markings on them - one saying ELTEC, the other saying STUDIO 80. I'm not sure which is the brand name and which is the model name.


They look like this:-




They've worked fine up until a couple of months ago when some of the faders started to fade up to 100% at the 50% mark, then cut out. Unfortunately it seems to be pretty random which ones work and and don't work on any given day, and as you can probably appreciate this is a bit of a problem.


Does anybody have any ideas?

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Eltec is the Brand, Studio 80 is the model. Basically you've got a 0-10v analogue 2-preset desk. Have you tried cleaning the faders; are there any loose wires (in the desk, or control leads etc.). Should be something someone with some basic electronics knowledge could troubleshoot.
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Eltec is the makers name and studio 80 the model.


Eltec no longer exsist as Eltec but I did manage to track one of the directors, who is still making stage lighting gear , to the North Wales/ Shropshire area. But I can't find the contact details.


Ancient Lights in Suffolk used to deal a fair bit with Eltec. Jim Laws may be able to help with contact details.


The first theatre I worked in had a lovely 60way 3 preset eltec board. The Seagull Theatre in Lowestoft. Paulears may know some info on Eltec as well.


As Rob suggests I would try cleaning the faders and maybe replacing some if you can track it down to particular faders. If it is random and it moves round the faders it may be a bit more serious.


You could try these people.





Doug Kelly

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My previous desk is was an Eltec 12-channel, 2-preset a bit like the ones in the pic and I had similar problems. I found the faders needed a good clean with switch cleaner and there was a dodgy wire inside that I had to re-connect.


I have also had problems with the dimmers themselves causing the connected lanterns to flicker in use, but this is OK when run just under 100% (and this does not seem to cause any discernible change in light output). I think that this is to do with the timing circuitry but I have never de-bugged this fault (I am used to working on <50 volts DC, not 230 volts when fixing electronic circuits!).


I agree with Brixton – check out the cables. I would check the signal connectors too as one socket pulled out of mine last time I used the desk as I removed the plug!

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