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Roadhog problem


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I've got a Roadhog here (asus motherboard version) which isn't driving the left monitor. The desk is booting up through bios / POST on the right monitor and onto the operating system which looks fine. But there's nothing on the left hand screen. If I wind the cursor across from right to left, it disappears onto the dead screen and I can wind it back.


Upon first power-up, both monitors show 'no signal - check cables' briefly before the motherboard kicks in. The recalcitrant screen reverts to standby, presumably through lack of signal.


The monitor is fine; swapping the cables over causes the fault to move to the right side.


On the roadhog the left (faulty) screen is driven via the motherboard VGA and the right screen by a seperate VGA card.


If I unplug the VGA card, this forces the motherboard to show the POST screen on the left monitor, thus proving, I guess, that the onboard VGA is actually alive. The software wont run the hog system with the VGA card disconnected as it reports an IRQ value error...not surprisingly.


I've done a hog system restore with the same results.


I should mention that the BIOS battery had died but I've reset everything using the tech bulletin from High End.


Any ideas where to look next??






:D Postscript:


I was convinced it had to be linked to the bios battery so I defaulted and then re-set the bios settings and it's fixed it.

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