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New BR Terms and Conditions

Blue Room

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Just a quick note to point out that today we re-worded our terms and conditions, and to ask all members just to take a quick look at them to familiarise themselves with the rules of the forum.


The reason for the change? Over the years our T&Cs had been added to in a piecemeal fashion and we felt this had led to a situation where we had ended up with some information given more than once and a set of individual statements rather than a cohesive whole. It was time, we felt, for a re-working of the page with less repetition and in an easier-to-read format. In doing this we managed to lose over 600 words without changing the meaning in any way. In other words, the Terms and Conditions say almost exactly the same as before, but are shorter and easier to read.


We hope members will appreciate the easier to read Terms and Conditions.

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