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Possibility of some work to baby sit an outdoor Shakespeare production in the grounds of Windsor Castle. This is a reasonably good am. dram company been performing in the ground since about 1953 ( thank goodness not solidly since then <_< )


You will probably join a team completing the installation on the Monday prior to the opening night on the Wednesday. Once the show is running, you will be required to be on site for 5:30pm for a rig and sound check, dressing room relay and comms check.. then be on standby until the audience leave the grounds ( Usually at 10:45) 1st week shows are Wednesday to Saturday, following week Monday to Saturday. Get out on the Sunday.


this is mainly a lighting job, the only sound is comms, relay and playback, so a knowledge of three phase power essential. This is open to self-employed people only - sorry.


Drop me a line by e-mail please`if interested, stating where you live ( so we can consider travelling costs) and your normal daily/weekly rate.





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