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MAC 700 lamp and fixture current


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I've recently had a MAC 700 cross my bench and it is having no luck rising past 4.8 amps (fixture current) at 120VAC. This normally occurs10-15 seconds after the start of a self test or application of DMX to a fixture. I'm getting the lamp strike command but the unit will sit at 4 to 4.8 Amps regardless of how long I wait. The fans located next to the E-Ballast, MPS and DC-DC converter will cycle for 5 seconds but immediately shut down again. Has anyone encountered this before and have any input in regards to correcting this. The lamp and sense lines to the E-ballast are good and there is a brand spankin' new bulb installed. Any ideas?


Goldie Powell

Westbury National

Toronto, Canada

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This might be a silly question, but one which you don't appear to have answered in your post : Does the lamp actually strike? If not, and if the wiring is good, and its a new lamp, then your ballast is the problem.

Sorry, I thought the 4.8A draw would indicate that. It does strike and holds at that current for as long as you run it. Basically it runs in 400W mode constantly. All defaults have been reset and ALON has been turned on. The ballast and power supply modules, as well as the heat sink that they are screwed on to have been transferred to another unit and do not cause the problem. I believe it is somewhere in the sense lines and/or current monitoring sector. If I had the full schematics for the entire system, things might be different....BUT...they're not! I find the line drawings that Martin provides, let's say....NOT SO MUCH ;o)



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