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LEDJ Par 64 Quad PSU


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Hi all


Just joined the Blu room and must say what a wealth of knowledge there is on here.

I googled a problem I have with a light and it sent me here so I hope that my

first post asking for help is Okay :)


Basically we have some LEDJ Stage Par 64 Quad (18 x 8 RGBW) with faulty PSU's

and I'm wondering if anyone knows where we might be able to purchase some replacement

PSU's (UK)?

The green LED on the PSU doesn't light up when power is applied.

Fuses check out OK on some and a quick test with a multi-meter confirms that 240v

is indeed getting to the PSU.

A couple of the units have burnt resistors on the PSU that do blow the fuse

when plugged in.

Rather than testing each part and replacing components I think it will be

easier to buy new PSU's


Thanks in advance for any help


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If you bought the Pars from a UK dealer, they should be able to source spares through Prolight, who are the UK distributor. I've found them to be very helpful and whilst they don't stock every conceivable spare, they have a far wider range than I'd have originally expected.
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