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Im very new to all things Magic Q but im getting there slowly so please bare with me.


I am programming a cue stack, the first cue is 4 movers doing a figure of 8 then one after each other they turn off. I want to now have all the movers on but not running the effect. How do I stop an effect? What I have done so far is just block the FX out, is this right? now when I run into the cue with the 4 movers without the effect as I press go on the cue the movers move. now I have tried to mark it and have tried to use move in black. Its like the movers are still in the effect.


Can any one help, Sorry if this dosent make sense.

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Great to hear you're getting started with MagicQ!

This will depend on the programming mode you are using. If using Normal or Theatre non Track mode then FX will not track through cues, so for an FX to be running in a cue it must have been recorded into the cue.

One way to check/edit this would be:


Start by clearing the programmer (clear button), activate the cue in question on your cue stack, press the include button (inc), then press the 's' button of the playback in question.

This will then include the content of this cue into the programmer for editing.


Now open the programmer window (prog), this window has 3 different views (view levels, view times and View FX). Select view FX (top left).

You should now be able to see any FX that are in that cue. To remove the FX press 'remove all FX' soft button at the top right of the window.

This will remove the FX from the programmer. You should now see that next to the include button the Update button is lit.

Press this to update the programmer back to the included cue.

Once complete press the clear button to clear the programmer.


This should now have removed the FX for the included cue only.


Or..... if using Theatre Tracking mode and the FX is not in the cue, but tracking from first cue you can use the 'block FX' option in the cue stack window for that cue.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for you help on that one.


Im now trying to build a simple colour effect, white to red.


I go to the colour in effect and selected the 2col and selection palette 1 and 2 which are white and red, when I click ok its says "no head with required attributes"


Shed any light on this one?



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The 2Col, 3Col, 4Col Palette FX are for fixtures with RGB/CMY colour mixing attributes, so cannot be applied to fixtures with just colour wheels.

You can edit the FX and change the attributes used or if you like I can send you come Col Wheel FX?

Drop me an an e-mail with your details to james 'at' chamsys.co.uk and I'll send some over to you.





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