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MagicQ looks different on alternate computer


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The rack mount computer I use for MagicQ has a slightly different screen format from the computer here that I pre-program on. Not drastically so, but I figured it was perhaps an older version, so I updated it, and it still looks different. I can't quantify it because they're in different locations, but even the pushing screens onto an external monitor seems to do it a little differently, and some pages pop back from that monitor to the main screen. I'll hopefully be able to work out if it's something I have done, but it's weird.



If I can squeeze in another probable user error question - First use with some new kit, and the palettes set up by MagicQ (from hed files I created, please note) have a few odd functions. Colours are presented across the screen in the usual manner - but white to red works, then red to maybe blue works, but hitting green changes the colour AND initiates some kind of position FX. Deleting the green button and then recreating a new one fixes it. Where have these odd extra actions come from?


All my queries on magicq are usually user mistakes - so I won't take offence at being told it's me!

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Have you checked that both machines are now running the same version, and can you share what that is please?





Do you just transfer the show files between machines or do you copy the system settings too? There's a lot of stuff that can messed with in there that will effect the layout and colour scheme and the behaviour of other things.





As to the palettes; I have had a few fixtures in the past where the default colour palettes produce incorrect output. I guess it will be down to errors in the hed file somewhere. Short term I just check each fixture type against the palettes and record new ones if needed. Long term it may be worth taking a closer look at the hed file and see if you can spot the source. (in your case it sounds like maybe your fixture has a macro channel which is accidentally being treated as part of the colour system?)





Good luck getting everything sorted.




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