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Strand 200 Plus LED not patching LEDs


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Dear All,

Before I go absolutely out of my mind, I hope someone can help me!


Trying to patch in some LED units into a Strand 200 Plus desk. Having a nightmare and can't get it to work in 'LED' mode.


Firstly, using some cheap Chinese LED pars. Set to 7 channel. If I patch at 1 to 1 and then operate in 'single scene' mode I can control the attributes desperately. Fine. It works, signal sent and received.


However, as soon as I try to patch them in the LED section. Nothing.

Perhaps the fixture that I'm using is wrong. But it's a 7 channel. The first three are RGB and the 7th is definitely dimmer. But I get nothing. The desk natively sets the patch to addr: 53 on sub 1. As per the led subs being 1-12.

I patch the unit in the fixture library, address light to 53 and nothing. The 7 channels show up, but no output.


It's the same for some American DJ RGBW micro washes. Exactly the same thing as above.


Unfortunately, I don't have access to a windows PC to be able to make a new fixture. I'm a Mac user, and they're not supported.


Is it just a fixture issue? Please take me through every step.


Please can anyone help? If there's a trick I'm missing, please share! I'm going out of my mind and the desk is about to go in the bin.


As a designated LED desk, it doesn't seem very intuitive or user friendly! The fixture library is wildly outdated and doesn't seem to offer much user support.


Please help!





... And also.

If I were to get them working, the pre set options for RGB on the desk on the B faders are fine, and easy to locate.

But where on earth would strobe, etc be?! It makes no sense!

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You might get a quicker reply going to the Strand lighting forums as the 200 plus is not a popular desk.


Page 39 of the 200 Plus Manual "3) You can now adjust RED, GREEN and BLUE using Preset B Faders 21, 22, and 23, the Intensity will be controlled on the Preset A Fader to which the LED is assigned. Preset B Fader 24 can have the other

attributes of the LED assigned to it (see FIG). 4) You can select the attributes you wish to control on Fader 24 by using the SOFTKEY B "Attrib".


So you only have four faders available, R G B Attribute. Any extra colours or attributes are no available.

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Morning Don,

Thanks for this. Will try the Strand forums.


Have worked through the manual. Just seems odd that a designated desk can only control 4 atts.

I patched according to the manual. Faders in bank A should act as dinner and 21,22,23 should be RGB. Those are the designated subs, but doesn't seem to work.

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This desk should not have the Strand name on it as it is dysfunctional and buggy, but it can be used for shows, as I have used it for a show just to see if it works. Make sure you back up your show file regularly and don't expect to much from it. The 250ML is better and the 500ML is even better, but still have limitations.
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To be honest, I use a Palette VL frequently, and its the same.

Strand simply aren't what they used to be!


Still no luck with the desk.


Made a new profile this morning. Patching it at 1-1 it works perfectly. However, this is simply no good for operational purposes. It only needs to be able to do a basic colour wash - but it can't even do that right!


*brick wall*

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So. I hope you're all sitting comfortably.


I've got it to work. Don't ask me how, as it makes no sense. After selecting to change the atts channel on sub 24, it started working. Set this to dimmer - which is entirely pointless as your sub acts as the dimmer. STUPID.


So setting this to dimmer kick started it working. I was then able to change the atts sub (24) which made sub 1 act as the dimmer and 24 can be set to strobe, white or colour palette as per the fixtures abilities.


However, everytime you power the unit down - the atts sub (24) reverts back to whatever it pleases. Strobe, white colour palette - it does what it wants.


I hope strand read this, apologise profusely and send me a desk that is fit for purpose and works.


Some bugs I'd expect; but this severe? What a joke.

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