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Mac 2000 Performance


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I'd like to get as much information as possible from anyone who has used the Mac 2k Performance. Particularly:


1) Gobo animation: how pleased were you with it? Of the provided gobos, how good are the cloud and flame effects?


2) Colurs: CMY mixing and CTC, how good (or bad)?


3) Noise levels.


4) Known problems/bugs/reliability issues, etc.


5) General feelings on the fixture.


Comparisons with other similar fixtures I'll find interesting but less important as where I'm working I'll probably have the chance of getting my hands only on Macs.

I might be going to check them out and I'd like to be prepared for what to look for (or not look for).


Thanks a bunch!



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I must admit I do like the Mac its so fastly become a standard amungst the industry.


Most features of the fixture are stunning, the stock gobos are not that great, but I always customise the gobo selection to suit the application, and the effect im trying to create.


The CYM is smooth, and fairly fast. You can create some grade colours by combining the CYM with the colour wheel.


The only fault I have with the mac is that light output isnt that great when you put it next to fixtures of the same class.


As with any large mover the noise issue is always at the top of your mind, but seing as the mac is aimed at large theatres and TV studios, I would have thought they are fairly silent. I have only ever used them for concert lighting so noise has never been a problem.


If I was to use a 1200w pro fixture at the moment it would be the Robe colourspot 1200E. I have used this on several applications, and its a huge step up from the Mac, The Zoom is stunning!! And remarkably fast for its size. The light output is like nothing I have ever seen from a 1200w source, its very powerfull. Loads brighter than the Mac2k



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Thanks for your time, Vince!


A couple of questions. Did you use the animation system and the framing shutters on it? You didn't mention them and they're the main thing I'm looking at. Also, what about the beam expander lens? Does it work as a "real" beam expander (the zoom goes up to 40° if I'm not mistaken) and how does gobo projection fare with it?

I'm interested in the experiences of people who have used them to get an idea that isn't commercial hype (sorry, Martin!...).


To provide you (or anyone...) with more information, the gist of it is that I'm looking to use them in the theatre for a musical and some dance performances. I need to project animated flames, water and clouds on different parts of the stage.


Hence the need for the framing shutters (say to project onto a door) and a "real" animation wheel, not just another rotating gobo wheel that will give you only movement around the optical axis (whirlpools yes, flows no).

For such "simple" and stylised animations I don't want to go into the media server/DL1 type of thing, because of budget and because I'd really be overkilling. A moving "projecting" head is better than 5 or 6 fixed video projectors, which aren't really the thing, and it (obviously) provides movement of the thing projected. The beam expander lens would give me the chance to project even in the cramped trim situations I find myself in. And added to this the frost should allow me to use them as a sort of wash light. Versatility is the keyword here, as with a limited budget you like to have fixtures that adapt to various situations.


The only other fixtures I know of that have both animation wheel sistems and framing shutters are Coemar's iFlex Profile and I think one of the VLs (can't remember). Don't know about Robe.


Problem is, where I work (Rome) the Macs are available locally, but to get Coemars (or others) I have to get them down from Milan, which obviously is going to raise costs. Also the Coemar, besides weighing a pleasantly hefty 57 kg as opposed to the Mac's 40 kg, doesn't have any wide angle lens. Widest angle is 28° I think, so it's not as versatile. That's why I'm concentrating on the Mac 2k Perf.


Thanks again,



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Hi Schultz,


I would agree with Vince.


1. The light output on the MAC 2Ks is not great compared to other fixtures in the same class, however they do come with Standard MAC reliability and user friendliness and the shutter system and animation effects on the 2K performance are very good. (I have used them in anger a number of times).


The shutter system is one of the best around in my opinion as you can get both the horizontal and vertical shutters on pretty sharp focus together. I wouldn't want to rely on it for absolute perfect positioning every time though.


2. Colour mixing is good.(Usual Martin moan about Red, although it is better than the 600s)


3. Noise is not too bad as I remember. I have used them on corporate gigs numerous times where the fixtures are almost directly over lectern mics, and on theatre shows with rifle mics rigged on the same truss and the noise boys have never linched me for it.


4. I've never come across any Bugs as such, and reliability is very good (although I have never toured any for a long period of time). As with all moving lights, they need some loving care and attention from time to time.


5. I would continue to spec it on loads of jobs where you need the subtle attributes that it provides so well. If you need something with a lot of ooooommmphhhhhh, but without the bells and whistles, this is not the right fixture.


Only my humble opinions though.


Hope it helps.


F - Wyg

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Yep I couldnt agree more with the above.


I dont tend to use the performance that much, as already said it doesnt have that so called ooooommmphhhhhh (nice word F-WYG :) ). If I need effects projection like fire, rain, clouds ect I tend to use media projectors, this gives you more flexibility and frees your moving lights up from doing the task.

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Thanks again to both! Gives me something to start from when I'll get to pre-view them.


"I have used them in anger a number of times."


Heavens, F-Wyg, now I really feel better about them! :)


Interesting point about the red (usual tragedy of arc sources). I've used the 600s and I remember the "bleah" red very well, although what I really hated was the lack of a zoom. In low trim situations (my usual predicament) I LOATHE the absence of a zoom. Small cones dawnstage become big balloons upstage. I really never understood why Martin didn't provide a zoom for a mid-size wash fixture when most of them, even the lesser known brands, were releasing 575s with it. Although I suppose the 600 does have some years on it.


Interesting that you had 1200s on the same truss as microphones! The use I'm thinking of for them allows for loud music blaring from the speakers, but I recently did the musical I talked about in my last post with a rig of Coemars and they really did make quite a din. Luckily no big deal once the music started. Never known for silence, the Coemars, although an excellent light in all else.


Well, thanks again and if others are available with their experience... keep it coming!



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