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Rigging Training

Nick LX

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I've been doing freelance lighting for a couple of years now and I'm looking to start getting into a bit of the rigging side. I know there's various topics on the matter already and I've looked this one in particular. At the moment I plan on doing the 3-day course offered by Total Solutions/UK Rigging. From the sounds of things, the next step is to get some rigging experience and look at getting the level 2 NRC. What's the best way to approach getting the experience? Obviously I'm happy to do some unpaid work if need, but it seems like you need the NRC to work, but can't get the NRC without working...


For reference, my current experience is all ground rigging. I've put up ground support towers and small two/three point trusses. I like to think I have a good understanding of the terminology and practices for the basic rigging down from the ground/ladders.



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Welcome to the catch 22 that is the NRC


the Training from UK rigging is all you'll really need, as the NRC does not really cover theatrical rigging. However this does not discredit the NRC, It has its purposes.


This is from the PLASA NRC site


The NRC does not assess or qualify riggers in the following areas:

  • Specification or design of rigging equipment
  • Ground support systems
  • Personnel flying or automation
  • Theatre flying and rigging
  • Structural design or engineering
  • Rope access methods or application
  • Rescue methods or planning
  • Scheduling or selecting rigging personnel
  • Transport, logistics or the management of loading or unloading of vehicles

This is what the NRC does NOT qualify you for.

Again it will be beneficial to have an NRC, but for theatrical rigging it is not necessary.



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you need a bit more than just training to get your NRC. It assesses you on skills gained during work. One of the requirements is that you submit rigging plans you have work to. These have to be signed by either the head rigger or someone from the rigging company you worked for.


For work I would call the major companies and get on their books. It wont be a quick process to get work with them but keep ringing up every now and then to remind them. You best chance of getting work with them is a) when they are very busy and need riggers or b) when they have a couple of large jobs on and need riggers.


Give the following companies a call.



Nippy Industries

UK Rigging

Star Rigging


Outback Rigging

Neg Earth.


There are others but they are the major players.

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