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8 Pin Din


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I have access to some beta packs and Level 12 & 18 desks but the 8 pin din cables are missing. Can I purchase cheap 8 pin din cables or is there anything specific to the Zero 88 kit that I need to consider?
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They are still available new from the likes of VDC but will not be cheap.


What sort of lengths do you need? I've probably still got some kicking around somewhere.


Thanks, any lengths really - the kit belongs to a community group run by volunteers but they've lost the guy who understood the kit and are trying to put it back together. They've got 2 x 18 way lighting desks and a 12 way board so will eventually need 8 beta pack din cables - but I only need 3 at the moment for a couple of shows next week.


Long lengths would be great but we can put the racks next to the desk so 1 or 2m cables would be fine if you have any to part with.








I have some 8 pin that is from a zero88 analogue beta pack.


Give me an email on info@producktions.com and I'm sure I can sort you out.




Thanks, I've emailed you




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