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Neutrik rear twist BNC


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Do I need to buy the proper Neutrik crimp tool to crip the rear twist connectors? Or is there a suitable die for the Paladin 8000 crimper I already have?


What do others use for these ends?


Hi Tim


I use a Paladin crimper on the rear twists. I am would have to check what model the crimper is and what size die I am using.

The back part doesn't quite crimp in the same shape as the Neutrik tool but I have had no issue getting a good crimp and getting the boot on.

Rear twists are great for a congested patch bay.



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I gave in and went for the Neutrik Crimper in the end. after speaking to canford technical department who said they had tried to crimp various sizes of rear twist with various crimpers but had not found a successful combination for the 1855 cable.


Hopefully it will be delivered today.

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