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Fat frog and the martin mac


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I have a couple of questions


1. I Would like to know what the FROG button does on the fat frog lighting desk and how to use it


2. how could I get the mac 500 to move useing postion effect's and pallets I have checked the suer guide but it does not make much sense on how to program & then use them live in show. all I Know is that you have to hold down the postion button but when I then hold in a plac eto soter it and press "prog" it does notheing.


3. in link with question 2 how do you use the other pallets i.e. color, gobo

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The FROG button stands for Fixture Random Output Generator.

To use this you go your fixture and then press each attribute button (Colour, Beamshape and Position) and hit FROG. This will create Random DMX values for all the DMX channels within the selected attribute.

To customise the FROG function you can go into the FROG Screen by pressing the button underneath FROG.

This will give you various modifiers for the function such as it's trigger (either sound input, auto, or manual using the FROG step.


To create a movement effect scroll through the Position attribute wheel group by pressing position until you get to effect.

Select the effect you want (whether it be Ellipse, Quad, Tri or Figure8)

You can then adjust the effects by changing their speed and size.

On the next Position wheel group you can shape the effect by using the Size x and Size y axis.

To program this effect into a Position Palette press and hold the Position attribute button for a couple of seconds.

Then use the Preset channel flash buttons to program the effect to a palette.

Press and hold both the Position button and the Channel flash location until the LED in the channel comes on.

It is then programmed. If you HOME the fixture and then press and hold the Position attribute, you will then see that LED lit and be able to press it for the effect to begin.


You can repeat this process for the other LTP attribute too (Colour and Beamshepe) by for example selecting a gobo you want in Beamshape, holding the Beamshape button and then holding the desired channel flash button at the same time, the LED will come on in the channel flash button after a couple of seconds when it is stored.



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