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Visual Productions Cuelux Pro

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Visual Productions Cuelux Pro


Announcement supplied by: Paul Turner

Software release: v1.3.85

Release date: 7th February 2015


Link: http://www.visualproductions.nl/downloads.html.



New Features : - Elation MidiconPro midimap improved

- 'Shift' button controls fine tuning on programmer wheels.

- Amber colour attribute is now part of RGBWA mix.

- Paste cue is now inserted at position of selected cue (in stead of end).

- Enable confirmation dialog for VisualTouch buttons


Solved Bugs : - Clearing UDP and OSC port number in options caused a crash.

- OSC task identifier could not be set to IP

- Monitor menu did not correctly show outgoing UDP messages.

- In some situations on Windows no CueCore devices were detected.

- Status menu tab buttons were not saved properly in the options file.

- Position Speed fader in Programmer sometimes did not work.

- Dumped recordings were in some cases not seamless.

- Dump dialog could still give 'too large' warning even when the number of

recordings had been reduced to enlarge the memory.

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Visual Productions Cuelux Pro


Announcement supplied by: Paul Turner

Software release: v1.3.90

Release date: 8th May 2015


Link http://www.visualproductions.nl/downloads.html


New Features : - UDP task now has features 'Send Message Float' and 'Send Message Unsigned'

- Playback Fader task supports multiple argument types (when function=control).

- UDP actionlist can be trigger with parameter by using string=value syntax.

- FX Dialog indicates variety in values when multiple fixtures are selected.

- Bank selection up/donw buttons reversed.

Solved Bugs : - Issue of occasional empty show files fixed by saving via a temporary file.



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