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d&b Q-series - hot spot and SPL drop-off


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We have a 1,000 seater auditorium, quite wide, not so deep. Wigwam installed a d&b FOH back in 2010.

We have a Q1 and Q7 pair, Q7 outfill and single Qi-Sub, per side.

D12 amp for the subs, 3x D6's for the top boxes and an R70 CAN adapter (so we have the R1 software for configuration).

We're struggling with 2 problems.

One is a big hot spot a few rows (and about a 1/3 of the way) back from the front - here it's much louder and much brighter than the rest of the room - and mellows off if you step a few metres to the side or back.

The other is a big drop off in the back 1/4 of the room (which includes the mix position). It feels really quiet and missing some frequencies back there, then you get a much fuller sound as you move forward.

These 2 problem compound each other, as you end up trying to push it harder to get atmosphere at the back, but then you are blowing people away in hot spots near the front.

Anyone have any advice?

We've tried playing with the levels of the Q1 and Q7 (pushing the Q1 more to try and push to the back, and lowering the Q7 so it's quieter at the front), but it doesn't seem to make any difference.


We've checked the speaker direction with a laser and it seems to hit the back wall at about the right height.


There is a CPL (coupling) option in R1 - will that help at all, or is that only for line arrays with more boxes?


Would you normally run such a Q1 and Q7 pair with the volumes equal, or different?



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Difficult to give any advice without knowing a lot more about the building, but in general terms that seems a rather strange set-up: I rather think there are not too many problems to which the best answer is a single Q1 with a Q7.


I would contact d&b's local office, I reckon they would be more than happy to give you advice and help. And they are as knowledgeable as you'll find in terms of knowing how that set-up might or might not work.

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