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strand 793 globes or retrofits ??


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I have a couple of STRAND 793 followspots, and the old bulbs are impossible to get. I know there is a retrofit for these followspots. Can anyone tell me the details?


Alternatively does anyone know a current source for the 2kw bulbs - both of the 793"s have different bases and bulbs - one is a CP 56 BULB 240V 2000W (it has 2 x 10/12mm prongs and the other I think is a CP53? It is a large 1 3/8" edison screw base with bayonet locators........


Thanks in anticipation......... :angry:

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Both lamps are still available - any major stage lighting supplier should be able to help you. Or try specialist companies like Specialist Lamp Distributors in Manchester or Lamp Merchant in Surrey. (Don't have interweb addresses for either of those, I'm afraid, but I'm sure a Google will turn up some results.)


The CP56, according to the data I have, is interchangeable with a CP41 or a CP73. The CP53 for the prefocus cap base (which, IIRC, makes the lantern a Patt.293, not a 793!) is interchangeable with a CP74, but is also about twice the price of the other lamp so perhaps retrofitting a new lampholder into that lantern might be an economical option if you plan to continue using it for a while.

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