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QTX FX1000 pump stuck on

Kevin Ross

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Hi there fellow blueroom people. I recently purchased a QTX FX 1000 haze machine off eBay. It seemed to work fine when I was trying it out at home setting up the DMX address etc. However when I used it at a gig it worked fine for a few minutes then the pump stuck full on and it was just spitting out some haze but a lot of "unburnt " fluid.


The heater is working fine but the pump is now just stuck on full power as soon as you turn it on.


I have tried running it with just the remote (no DMX ) and also with no remote connected at all.


Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this and how to fix it.



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Just to provide an update. I soldered in a replace triac and now everything is working well. When I was doing the work it looked like it already had been replaced once before. I will keep an eye on it but if it fails again does anyone have an idea what might cause two triacs to fail?
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There are a few possibilities. The pumps are usually solenoid pumps that are quite inductive, so it could be a back EMF spike from the pump that is degrading the triac over time, although theoretically it should only be turning off at the mains zero crossing point. That would require a snubber network to be fitted across the triacs main terminals.


The other possibility is that the wiring harness is rubbed through somewhere and a momentary short circuit is occurring. That would make the triac fail too, but would also possibly be associated with a blown fuse.


Another possibility is that the triac may not be being driven properly. If the triac has been changed before it might not even be the correct triac.

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