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Jem Smoke Machines


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I have a techno fog machine from Jem. It has a detachable remote which runs on a 5 pin din. I want to convert it to run on a 3 pin XLR so I can run it down a multicore line. Does any one know if that is possible, is there a bodge to do it?


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Open it up and see how many pins it uses and find out which pin does.


I may be wrong but if it uses all 5 pins then you culd just convert it to use 2 XLR sockets running 3 pins down one XLR and the remaining pins down the other.


Without seeing the remote I wouldnt be able to tell you.


I have converted one of my antari remotes to run down XLR and it does work well. I have not however tried to run it down multicore. Im not that technically minded but im guessing there may be some issues with power.

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There is definitely a PDF on their site somewhere. Martin/Jem are very good at that (all of the Jem/Martin machines use the same pinout).


I know this because two of us spent 4 hours frantically trying to work out what the pinout was after the stock moulded plug fell apart. After a lot of prodding about and getting periodically shocked by the heater, someone managed to bring the pinout up on their laptop. Lo and behold, it worked.


Having said that, I can't find the pinout anywhere on their site...


Edit: let me expound:


It's essentially a 3-pin system, there's +15v, 0v, and then you send the control voltage back down the third pin. The control voltage is 1v for pre-heat, and 2-10v for power. The 4th pin is the "ready" LED, and I don't think the 5th pin does anything. Unfortunately that's not in order. If you've got a fully assembled remote, then it will be easier to reverse-engineer.

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