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App : Remote Control & Monitor Hyperdeck

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Hyperdeck Remote Controll & Monitoring

Hi, my name is andi. I've created an application that is used to communicate with the hyperdeck device through simple Local Area Network. This application is called "Wolsmotion", I'm sure this app can help you to use hyperdeck be easier. This is the picture :

http://s.kaskus.id/images/2015/01/13/621387_20150113074941.jpg http://s.kaskus.id/images/2015/01/13/621387_20150113075053.png

http://s.kaskus.id/images/2015/01/13/621387_20150113075255.png http://s.kaskus.id/images/2015/01/13/621387_20150113075407.png

Wolsmotion application allow you to control the Blackmagic Design™ Hyperdeck Studio/Studio Pro from your computer.

• Connect more than one device hyperdeck

• Display all hyperdeck status in one monitor

• Remote operation from your desktop keyboard or mouse.

• Display the clips information into the table.

• Display the timecode or countdown.

• Record clips with a custom name.

• Change active slot.

• Get to ssd content quickly with selecting the table displayed and "Go to clip" directly.

• Go to timecode by move the slidebar

• Change player speed, single clip mode & looping mode.

• Controll multiple hyperdeck with single button(play, stop & record).


You can download trial ver here (need registration) : LIMITED WOLSMOTION

Full version : WOLSMOTION I


If you have any question or need custumize design with this product(hyperdeck)

please feel free contact me at : mylabsql@gmail.com


If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchased products, we will refund full amount, no questions asked.

You will have 30 days to try out the product and make sure that it fits your needs.

Computer Specification?

We design this application under windows 7 32bit.

CPU i3 2,2Ghz.

RAM 2GB Hardisk SSD 256GB.

Display Resolution 1366x768.


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What Wolsmotion-III it?

Wolsmotion-III is the name I gave to the application that I created to make an order to the device hyperdeck issued by Blackmagic Design.

How applications communicate with the device hyperdeck?

Applications can communicate over TCP / IP network using port 9993 following the standard protocol that has been issued by Blackmagic Design and then with a series of data manipulation applications can communicate to a predetermined destination.

The function of what can be done?

Almost all functions are carried out directly through hyperdeck can be done also through Wolsmotion-III applications. The app even has some additional functions that do not exist in hyperdeck.

Any additional functionality provided by wolsmotion?

1. Wolsmotion-III equipped with a countdown display a clip that is run

2. You can see clips stored in the table.

3. You can run randomly clip by double clicking on the clip shown in the table to be activated and displayed.

4. With Wolsmotion-III you can move the position of the slot you want to set.

5. Slidebar able to move the timecode position in realtime and more interactive.

6. Slidebar give timecode position displacement speed of the current clip.

7. Wolsmotion-III can provide the name of the data file audio & video to be recorded.

8. Wolsmotion-III have an interactive display in the status display hyperdeck.

9. With Wolsmotion-III you can instruct hyperdeck through the PC keyboard.

Are there other functions?

Yes, Wolsmotion-III still has some amazing functions, namely:

1. Wolsmotion-III can communicate with more than one device hyperdeck.

2. Wolsmotion-III can communicate up to 9 units hyperdeck.

3. All the basic information can be displayed in one screen.

4. Each section has its own settings.

5. Wolsmotion-III provide an interactive display for control of the device in particular.

6. Applications work parallel to hyperdeck connected with wolsmotion.

7. Wolsmotion-III have the ability to send commands in parallel using a master key.

8. Wolsmotion-III has 3 master keys.

9. Each master key is equipped with a play button, record and stop.

10. With this master key you can play the clips simultaneously.

11. With this master key you can stop the clips simultaneously.

12. With this master key you can record the audio and video simultaneously.

Note: The ability to master key dependent on your network media such as hubs / switches, cable length, and others. Based on the experience of the execution time difference is very small usually about 1 to 100ms.

What with my job Wolsmotion-III be easier?

All depend on you, but we do designing this application to facilitate your work and provide solutions that are not owned by the hyperdeck. I am sure, you will be very easy to get used to the use hyperdeck because the display is designed with a variety of ideas and input hyperdeck operators.

Who am I?

I was formerly a technical support of the national TV station in Indonesia. I have a service life of more than 8.5 years there. Armed with the ability to perform simple programming, I managed to make some version hyperdeck. And this version is the best version I publish to be distributed to you. Certainly not free, because I have spent a long time in the making of this application. I hope you can replace the time I spend with your pocket money.

Can I order hyperdeck application in accordance with my wishes?

Of course, you can order it to me. Send your wishes and funds to prepare for the manufacture of this via email, then I will respond to your wishes as soon as possible.

Can I order other applications that do not relate to hyperdeck?

Of course, I have some experience in the design of applications that are used for control, monitoring and data logging system. Please explain your wishes as much detail as possible, then I will respond to your wishes as soon as possible.

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How to communicate with hyperdeck?

To be able to communicate with devices hyperdeck, you need to configure the IP device hyperdeck.


What hyperdeck IP address should I use?

If you do not make changes, then the default configuration is:

1. The first Hyperdeck stored in wolsmotion is:

2. The second Hyperdeck stored in wolsmotion is:

3. The third Hyperdeck stored in wolsmotion is:


Make sure the ip address of the computer that you use as wolsmotion machine in accordance with arrangements that address. for example you can use the address of for wolsmotion engine computer.


Can I use the ip appropriate network configuration do I have?

Yes of course, but this configuration is done manually. Please open the config file in the "installation directory / data / config.ini" do change according to your needs.

Configuration through wolsmotion machine can be done in the full version.


This is the default config

Name = "PLAYER01"
Description = "Description"
Sample Time = 300
Sample Time Off = 500
Loop = FALSE
SingleClip = TRUE
IP = ""
Rname = "wolsmotion"
Speed = "100"
Slave Control = 0

Name = "PLAYER02"
Description = "Description"
Sample Time = 300
Sample Time Off = 500
Loop = FALSE
SingleClip = TRUE
IP = ""
Rname = "wolsmotion"
Speed = "100"
Slave Control = 0

Name = "PLAYER03"
Description = "Description"
Sample Time = 300    
Sample Time Off = 500    
Loop = FALSE    
SingleClip = TRUE    
IP = ""
Rname = "wolsmotion"
Speed = "100"
Slave Control = 0  


[1] => First Hyperdeck

Name = "Name hyperdeck 1"

Description = "Your description here"

Sample Time = 300 : Sampling time when online(milisecond)

Sample Time Off = 500 Sampling time when offline(milisecond)/reconnect automatically when connection establish

Loop = FALSE Mode looping : tru/false

SingleClip = TRUE Mode single clip : true/false

IP = "" This is your hyperdeck ip address

Rname = "wolsmotion" Default record name

Speed = "100" Play speed

Slave Control = 0 slave from master key?(Available only for paid version) 1 to 3

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