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DMX Controller for stagework


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We are taking a production out into a couple of local churches and have put together a small rig of LED Pars. To operate this we got a Transcension DMX Operator 2 controller.

I can get the fade and time functions to work in chase auto mode but they seem not to work in scene manual mode. I have tried setting the fade and time faders when programming scenes and leaving them set when scrolling through scenes using the scene buttons. All I ever get are snap changes in manual mode which is no use at all for a theatrical production.

Unfortunately the manual is sketchy and Transcension appear to have no technical support or contact detail.


Am I doing something wrong or is this how the desk works? I really need to be able to manually fade between scenes.


Can anyone help?

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I'm afraid you can't do it on that controller. It only fades chases, scenes always snap.


You need something like the Behringer LC24-12 (rather horrible user interface, but can be found quite cheap 2nd hand), or ADJ Scenesetter24 (various other Chinese made clones available).

Or for a "proper" desk something like a Jester, but that's a lot more money.

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For LED PARs you might need something higher up the Jester range like a Jester ML or Jester TL -> more money.


A second-hand Fat Frog might be a better bet on value for money (have a search on ebay). This is physically a larger desk, but also might work nicely as a main desk back at your home theatre. The Zero88 Fixture tools can be used to create new fixture definitions for your LEDs if they are not already in the library, or the Zero88 guys would build one for you. Whilst the Fat Frog is a discontinued product, it's still well supported by Zero88 and the Fixture Tools are still current product as they are used for the whole range of Zero88 desks (current and discontinued).





Otherwise you could look at some of the PC based solutions, e.g. MagicQ, and buy a USB-DMX interface.



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