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KAM KSM 1600VH Smoke Machine keeps cutting out


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Hi all,


I have a KAM KSM 1600VH smoke machine.


The thermal cut out switch keeps cutting out, I am about to send it back to the manufacture, but I was wondering if anyone has any idea of a spare part I can replace to save the hassle of posting the item.


Many Thanks,


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This looks to be a very low end piece of kit and I am wondering what kind of environment you are using this in. I'm going to hazard a guess in the club / DJ event area where there are lots of hot sweaty bodies and the machine is worked to within an ounce of its death.


Before stripping it down to repair / send back to be worked on have you tried the following?


Do you regularly clean the inner workings of the unit with either distilled water or white vinegar every 10 or so hours?


Are the vents clear of grime and debris?


Is the nozzle clear of deposits?


Is the unit used in a very warm environment?


Are you using the manufacturers specific fluid and not just any old stuff that's cheap?


I would imagine that if it is used in moderation with the correct type of fluid and kept as clean as you possibly can do then you should find that this will dramatically improve things if not clear up the issues altogether.

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It is common for thermal trips to age and start tripping at a lower temperature than they should.

If you can identify the rated temperature, you can get replacements at RS/Farnell etc.


However... this is a safety item. Do not replace it unless you are sure you have the correct replacement part and you are competent to do the job.

If the thermostat fails on, the thermal trip is the only thing between you and a molten pool of aluminium where the heater block used to be. This can actually happen.


Edit to add...

It could also be that the thermostat has failed in the on position and the thermal trip is operating correctly protecting from overheat.

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