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Antari HZ 400 Spares

Young Johnstone

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Hi guys, does anyone know if / where I can source spare parts for this hazer in the UK?

I've currently got mine stripped down and as it seems to be clogged up with all manner of $h1te.

I've soaked the atomisers in solvent to strip as much crap out as I can, but the Allen's are seized properly and I'm at the point where the heads are going to become rounded off!


I've not put it back together and run it yet, but I was thinking it may be worth just replacing said parts if it doesn't work out.


I've replaced all the air lines and fluid delivery pipes, so they should all be sound now. No air leaks etc..


Obviously I'm off to hunt around google, but maybe one of you knows someone that supplies parts in the mean time?


I bought it second hand and its been great to me all of last year. Its a cracking hazer ( no pun intended ;) ) so I'm reluctant to replace it!



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failing the proper antari routes. the Robe Haze 400FT is identical, so parts are also available from your Robe dealer.


Soaking the atomizer in WD40 did the trick for me on many occasions, then plenty of torque the first time round.

the for cleaning the nozzles themselves, a bristle off a normal dish washing brush does the trick.

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