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Clearone XAP800 as system EQ?


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I've noticed some Clearone XAP800 units on ebay, and according to the manual, they can do 15 bands of parametric EQ in the DSP portion, independent of the Mic AutoMixer section. Will this work as an alternative to a stand-alone parametric EQ or graphic (realistically, one of the Behringer designs) as front of house EQ? Or does the fact it is built for audio conferencing make it unsuitable? It seems to be 16-bit 48kHz sample rate inside, and pretty flexible as to what can be configured.


I realise it doesn't have a front panel and I will be relying on a computer linked up over serial to make adjustments - I don't think that bothers me given the price, and there seems to be a pretty good command set reference in the back of the manual (so I don't feel completely stuck with the vendor control software).

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Yes, they are, and this is exactly what I use one for.


The EQ "type" can be different per band, so one can have an EQ that is a crossover as well! There is also compression and limiting available.


Warning: make sure you switch off the phantom power to all input channels! I'd start by using the line channels, and only use the mic/line channels if necessary. Mic preamps are noisy, I used one for a stage relay mic, and ended up scrapping it and going back to the Shark.


I'm only using the rig I use it on for playback, so the EQ is set by ear to sound "nice".




Red and green are channels A and B for FOH L&R, and in fetching blue is channel C which is mono sub.

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