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Zero88 Alcora PSU


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Hi, I have an oldish Zero 88 alcove with no power supply. Does anyone know wheres best to get one? does anyone have one for sale? or is it possible to make one using a 4 pin DIN plug?





hey have you tried ringing Zero 88 they must have this kind of stuff or knowledge of where to get it nice bunch of chaps last time I rang..

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You need to contact Keith Rogers (KeithRogers@eaton.com) at Zero88, or post on here http://zero88.com/fo...inued-products/


Is it a Mk1 (grey) or Mk2 (blue)?


Do you have an analogue output kit fitted (in addition to the standard DMX)?


If you have and require the analogue outputs, according to this:


then the power supply is obsolete.


If you are DMX-only (or only use the DMX and could remove the analogue kit), then that page implies they have a power supply that would work.


If you want to make your own replacement PSU, then the pinout of the DIN4 is:


For a Mk1 (grey):


DC Connection

PIN 1 = 9V @ 400mA

PIN 2 = OV Signal ground

PIN 3 = 20 V @ 200mA

(20 V only required for Analog


For a Mk2 (blue) the spec is slightly different:


DC Connections:

PIN 1 +10V @ 400 mA (650 mA)

PIN 2 OV Signal ground

PIN 3 +20 V @ 200mA *

PIN 4 Not used

* +20 V only required for Analogue


The Mk1 manual is here: http://zero88.com/su...nual-issue-1-en

The Mk2 manual is here: http://zero88.com/su...nual-issue-3-en


Is still have (and use) my Mk1 Alcora [and love it] for small/simple shows, so I hope you can keep yours alive a bit longer!


Good luck,



ETA If you are DMX only and UK, then the part number is PSU 00-102-11 and looks to be about £75 retail (takes sharp intake of breath!).

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Hi, thanks for the replies. The desk is grey but has no analogue output. I didn't know that the 20v was analogue only so will maybe try a 9v psu onto the 4 pin din.

Might have to contact zero 88 as I have a couple of broken faders too.





You do not need to requote the whole of the previous post.

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Excellent, you should be sorted then, a decent 9V 500mA power supply should be relatively easy to source - just make sure you wire the DIN4 up properly first time!


Sure Keith will be able to sort you out with the faders (or just the knobs?) fairly quickly. If you really need faders then you will be in for a tricky job disassembling the front panel to be able to replace them - make sure to ask Keith for some tips on how to go about this.


Good Luck! You know where we are for any more questions!




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