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Troublesome Artnet


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Hey guys,


I have a Vista T2 controlling some SGM led tubes arranged into chandaliers via some Elation Artnet boxes. I have three chandaliers each has 35 strips with 27 leds. So take up around 6 universes each. To save me time I have only patched in the first 6 universes, which I am then duplicating the output from the desk so that all three chandaliers copy each other. The problem comes when I try and control them.


When I try and black them out they go down to around 10% and will only go out fully if I hit 0% a few times, and mess with the infensity.


If I select all the light on just one universe, everything that isn't selected will still flicker as I change colour. They generally seem slow and laggy.


I know the desk is doing the right thing, all the output windows are saying so. I have a suspicion that these Elation Art net boxes are cheap and cheerfull and not really up to the job?


Has anyone here used them? Does anyone have any ideas on what I can look for to try and solve this?



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