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Humpty Dumpty


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I am about to start on a production of a musical version of Through The looking Glass, and I am looking for ideas for Humpty Dumpty. My design team and I have had several red-wine-fuelled thinking sessions, and we have not been able to come up with a solution that we are happy with, so I am hoping that someone out there might have a solution.



  • I (as director) would like Humpty to look like the classic "Play School" version where the face fills the whole top half of the egg. I would like to avoid the small head on top of a fat body and the small face peaking through a large egg look.
  • In the context of the script, the actor playing a "real world" character doubles as Humpty, and a key part of the show is seeing these real-world characters, whom Alice dislikes, turn up in her dream as Looking Glass characters.
  • Humpty has to talk and sing a patter song
  • The wall needs to collapse in some way
  • Humpty needs to crack open (like an egg)



Performing space is a church hall stage with no flies (in fact no over-stage rigging at all), and limited wing space.


Solutions Considered

  • Video Projection using either a green screen or prerecorded - difficult because we have limited projection facilities, we don't have a convenient space to set up green screen and timing would be difficult with a live band.
  • Use just an actors head as the whole Humpty. The actor stands behind a wall with just his head and shoulders above the wall, which are costumed to look like Humpty - this will achieve the effect of looking like the ideal Humpty, but the character will be small.
  • Use a large puppet - possible, but how do we get the expression into the face whilst he is singing?


We haven't even considered the last two requirements yet!


So - does anyone have any ideas, or point me the direction of some ideas?



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